Creative Kids' Books and Activities for National Craft Month

Posted on March 24, 2021

Celebrate National Craft Month with these creative kids’ books and activities! We’ve included finger puppets to act out a favorite storybook, how-to art videos from real Tyndale authors and illustrators, downloadable coloring pages, and more! The best part? These books and activities have a biblical message to help your kids engage creatively with God’s Word.

Wow! The Good News in Four Words Finger Puppets

No glue or glitter required for this activity! Simply download the finger puppet printout, then cut out, tape together, and have fun playing along with Dandi Daley Mackall’s beloved storybook Wow! The Good News in Four Words.

Download the finger puppets HERE.

How-to Art Videos with Tyndale Authors Lauren Duncan and Sarah Jean Collins

In this video, Lauren Duncan (author of Made to Create with All My Heart and Soul) and Sarah Jean Collins (author/illustrator of the God Made series) show us two different ways to create butterflies with paint, paper, and plenty of imagination!

Watch the video HERE.

But wait, there's more!

Lauren and Sarah Jean are back to lead us in another creative art project. Have fun creating a special self-portrait using abstract painting, collage, and lots of colorful layers!

Watch the video HERE.

Download a supply list for both projects plus free coloring pages HERE.

Creative Bible Journaling + Devotional Activity

This activity helps kids reflect on how they are uniquely and wonderfully made by their Creator God. To get started, they’ll need their own Bible journals. You can use a store-bought journal expressly for this purpose, but we think it’s more fun for kids to add their own personal touch. Here’s what you’ll need:

- A blank notebook, journal, or sketchbook (a spiral notebook can work too, but try to find one with unlined paper)

- Stickers, stick-on rhinestones, ribbon, markers, paint, washi tape, etc.

Using your choice of art supplies, have kids either draw or paint a custom design on their journal covers. Help them glue on ribbon or rhinestones (or any other flat, decorative object). They can personalize it further by writing their names on the covers with paint or markers. If they prefer to keep their cover design free of type, they can always write their names on the inside of the covers, too!

Now that they’re ready, kids can follow the Bible journal activity below from Lauren Duncan’s Made to Create with All My Heart and Soul! You can find more devos and creative activities by clicking HERE for a free excerpt.

Free Coloring Pages

Click HERE to download a free coloring page from the Inspire Bible NLT.

Click HERE to download a free coloring page from Gratitude.

Find these and other fun downloadables at our Free Downloads page!